Saturday, June 28, 2014

Google Apps for Education

So SMUSD has switched over to GMail and all things Google. I'm loving it. I just completed the Google Educator course and passed Yippee! For those just wanting the basics, there is a great intro course and you can pick and choose what parts you want to know more about.
Google for Ed Training

Over the summer I will be posting some tutorials on how GAfE will help teachers be more efficient and how it will help help us manage our paper load. One of the best things I started this past year was use Google Docs for student writing and use the Add-On Doctopus to copy, share, and organize the files. Here's a great explanation by Jay Atwood on how it works.

Embed Code Now Available in Google Sites

Google just rolled out the ability to embed code into the new Google Sites. The first thing I thought of was that this will be great to shar...