About Me

It's an Amazing Day!

My name is Laurie and I love Amazing Days! If you can't tell yet, I'm a naturally positive person. I love seeing the bright side, the silver lining, the good in each person.

This blog is a place to share several of the things that make me happy and hopefully, it will make you smile too - it will probably be mostly about technology and be a place to help others learn and explore. There will also be some fun stories about my life at school and at home. You'll probably see a few references to another part of my life, which is the creative side - creating some educational resources and buttons, of course.

As a little background: I've been married 29 years as of August 2018, I have two boys who are now the most amazing young men I've ever met :) I been a teacher since 1997. I've taught 2nd through 5th grade. I am always amazed at how all my students take on new challenges. We do a lot with technology along with our regular reading and math and my previous students are doing great helping their 3rd and 4th grade classes learn more tech. They are Amazing! How many 7 and 8 year olds can show grown ups how to use Google Docs and learn to code?!