Wednesday, March 11, 2015

It's a Whole New World!

Virtual field trips, expert connections, read alouds by distant friends and family, it's all possible and we're just beginning. I know many classes have been doing virtual connections for awhile but I'm a newbie at this. A couple weeks ago, the parent of one of my students wanted to be our Mystery reader but couldn't be away from the office. So we connected through Google Hang Out! The kids loved it!

Then today, we connected with Joy Lopez, a friend who is a student at CSUSM studying Physics. She gave us a tour of her department and introduced us to a few professors.

There are several ways to connect when you want to Hang Out. Alice Keeler shares some tips in her blog here: Want to Start a Google HangOut? 
So many new opportunities are open now! How do you use Google Hang Outs?