Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fun with Forms

If you haven't tried Google Forms you really should! There are so many fun and time saving uses for them. I've used them for student information gathering, polling, collecting student award names, quizzes, reading response logs and much more! Last week I had my second grade students use a google form to share great words that they came across in their reading. I had them predict what they thought the words meant and then look up the definition and add that. Here is the form I created to do this -

After they entered their vocabulary words, I copied the list of words from the spreadsheet that is automatically created for each form. I pasted the words into Wordle and made a word collage of their words. Here are their amazing words!

For more info about forms, check out the google tutorial.


  1. Are they using computers or iPads to fill out the forms?

  2. They did the google form for homework so it's a combination of computers, ipads, and maybe a smart phone or Kindle Fire. I link the form to our homework calendar (Google Calendar) and they just click the link with whatever they have.

  3. That's fun homework. (from an adult point of view, anyway)