Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Goose Chase Edu

Goose Chase, an amazing app for digital scavenger hunts, just released an EDU version for schools, making it even better and easier for teachers.
Goose Chase 

New Educator Free Accounts

The new Educator Basic Plan allows you to run an unlimited number of team games with an unlimited number of class sections. No need to complete a request form or wait for approval from the Goose Chase team! You can have unlimited number of games and classes, but run just one live game at a time on the free subscription. It's super easy to run a team game, and you can have 5 teams participating at a time. Great collaboration!

If you need more, the Educator Plus account is very reasonable at $49 per year. That upgrades you to unlimited number of simultaneous live games, 10 teams per game (team games), or 40 participants per game (individual games).

New Library of Game Ideas!
This is amazing! Check out the library to see how other educators have used Goose Chase with their students. Copy the game and edit it in seconds to fit your class! Goose Chase EDU Library

Mission Feedback
One of the cool things about Goose Chase is being able to follow the game in real time and check on submissions. You can give bonus points (+ or -) or delete submissions but we haven't been able to give feedback as to why. Now we can! With the new notifications feature, you can provide feedback to participants in real time or after your game. Giving you the opportunity to communicate why a submission was deleted, how they can improve, or even just how great they’re doing!

My Games
The first full class game I did with Goose Chase was a field trip to the San Diego Zoo. It was a huge success! The kids had fun finding the missions and adding photos or answering questions. Since I had a parent chaperone or two with each group, it was easy for them to work as a team. It was great to see the submissions coming in! Student teams can see the other teams' photos but cannot see their text answers.

We've also done team building and some math games. Here's a submission from a geometry game. (He's pointing to the correct shape for the mission.)

With the new library, I started thinking of all sorts of other ways to use Goose Chase. How would you use it? Share your ideas in the comments!

Updated to add: How I set up team accounts - 
I've had a couple questions on how to setup team accounts. This is how I do it to manage accounts. I setup the five team accounts at the beginning of the year and we reused them for each game throughout the year. Team members could change throughout the year, they just changed color login. 

SetUp Instructions Same in Link above

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