Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Google Form Fun

What's there not to love about Google Forms? There are countless ways to use them. This week we are being Word Detectives. Students are finding new or interesting words and predicting the meaning before looking up the word in an online dictionary.
Here's an image of the form they are using for their words

You can check out a copy of the live form here. Word Detective Google Form  (Cleaned up my drive and this form is gone - out of date).

From the linked spreadsheet, I grabbed the list of words the kids have submitted so far and created a Wordle out of the list. 

Another variation is to intro a topic with images and video clips. As they viewed the images and clips, I had the kids submit words that they thought of into a form. Again I pulled their responses into a word art with Wordle. Looking at the word art helped us think about what we know and come up with questions that we would like to research.

Here are some of the questions that they have come up with so far:

  • Are these lava rocks?
  • why do they erupt. why do they make land?
  • Was that the island that was created in the Pacific ocean? How many rocks were there?
  • how does it explode?
  • how does it blow up bursting in the air when it erupts?
  • how do the people who take pictures not die?
Please comment with a way you have used Google Forms with your class.

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  1. Student made a vocabulary slide show of their spelling words