Saturday, April 9, 2016

Tour Builder for Collaborative Writing

In Room 311, we are taking a journey around the world in search of 10 Mystery locations! (See Journey North Mystery Class Project.) On our journey, we are discovering so much about latitude and longitude and using tools such as My Maps and Tour Builder.

As we worked on latitude, we wrote a class story about the stops we would make if we strapped on a new invention called Latitude Shoes. What would it be like to travel around the world at our latitude in 24 hours? What would we see?

Each team of students explored and wrote about a location on or near 33 degrees latitude. A couple teams took side journeys a bit off the approximate latitude, but they enjoyed exploring the world and writing their piece of the story.

Check out our story on Tour Builder. Click Here
(The tour is best viewed in 3D with a browser with Google Earth installed.)

A preview:

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