Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Using Quizlet is a great resource for review, practice, or to pre-assess and get excited about a topic.
Lots of quizzes are set that you can search for in their shared library, or build your own easily with their images. There is an option to assign to Google Classroom to get the link to the kids quickly.

Room 311 2015 2016 Classwork.png

I had them practice individually with the flashcards however they wanted for 5 minutes - most used Scatter, which is a matching game.
Then we tried the LIVE game. Students went to the LIVE link I gave them, and put in a first name. I started the game. (Live is a choice when the teacher is in the Quizlet dashboard.)
This is the link to the set we did

  • Students are assigned to random 3 player teams.

  • Students move with their device to be near teammates.

  • Each student sees a set of answer cards which is only a third of the possible answers.
  • As a question comes up, they may or may not have the answer in their set. It could be on a teammate’s set. They need to talk to each other to see who has it.

  • As they answer correctly, their team advances. If they answer incorrectly, their team goes back to the beginning.
  • Awesome collaboration, language, and HIGH interest!

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