Saturday, July 4, 2015

Awesome KeyTips

We already do so much as teachers, it's great when something can make things go even just a little bit faster and easier. Alice Keeler ( and @AliceKeeler on Twitter) shares many great KeyTips to make things go smoother.

Here are my top 2 for now:
  1. Control N (or Command N on a Mac) to open a new window and, if you need that window to be in incognito mode, try Control Shift N (or Command Shift N on a Mac). Why would you need an incognito window? I use it all the time when I need to log in to my account on someone else's device or in the workroom and I don't want to have to sign them out. The best place I use it is when I am demonstrating something from a student account side of things. Then I can just go back and forth between my teacher account and the student view.

  2. Control Shift T (or Command Shift T on a Mac) This one is magic! How many times do you close a tab and realize "Oh darn, I need one more thing there and I have to go find that page again!" Control Shift T reopens that tab! Magic right?!
I've decided to put 2 to 3 tips on a post it next to my computer till I remember to use them. Then I'll switch them for 2-3 more. Kind of like high frequency words for our kids. If you want to join me, write these down. If you want to see a bunch and pick the ones you like, go to

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