Sunday, July 26, 2015

Class Dojo adds Groups!

Just after I wrote my last post about Class Dojo they announced a major update, you now can make groups! Introducing Class Dojo Groups :)

This is a feature that we have been wanting for quite awhile. I even tried to do a work around last year by just making up new student monsters and calling them Group 1, Group 2, etc. It was not the same.

The great feature that Class Dojo has created is that you can create groups in many different ways, Kids can be in more than one group. When you give a group a point, each student in the group gets a point, but get this, you can still track how the group is doing as a whole!

The other thing I've been prepping to use for Class Dojo has been some badges for my class. I'm looking at using BadgeList this year but badges can be used in a lot of ways. I got the idea for badges from Alice Keeler (are you following her yet? because you should!)

Here is a link to the badges I'm working on to use with Class Dojo. Feel free to make a copy and modify as you'd like. The images of the belts are from and the images of monsters are from Class Dojo's Teacher Resources. I'd appreciate a link back to my blog if you share them on a blog yourself.

Click below on individual images to download your own copies to your google drive.

Click below for your copies

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  1. Thanks for sharing your awesome resources. I am using the belt system this year. Thanks again.