Sunday, July 19, 2015

Managing Data from Reading Log Google Forms

Previously, I've blogged about using Google Forms for Reading Logs and Responses. Click here Fun with Forms or here Google Form Fun to check out those earlier posts. I've been using Google Forms for Reading Response for a couple years now. There are several great benefits to doing this: 1) no paper copies, 2) all of the responses are in one place, and 3) did I say no paper copies?

Here are a couple images of reading logs we've used in the last year.

When you use Google Forms, all of the responses are collected in a spreadsheet. This makes it easy to check the responses. You can sort them based on name, date, title of book or more. Here is an image of one of the spreadsheets (names are removed.)

When you change the form depending on the response focus and reading standard you end up with several spreadsheets of info.

So instead of having the answers go to a new spreadsheet each time, change the response destination so they go to a New Sheet in an Existing Spreadsheet. This way you'll have one master spreadsheet with all of the data. Each form will have it's own page in the spreadsheet.

Check out the screencast for details:


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    1. Thanks i need as many Mac Tips as I can get and a bucket of postITs to help me remember them. Tee Hee I do have a wee book beside my laptop!

    2. Thank you Mrs. Goetz! If you can go to an EdTech Google Summit, those are amazing training workshops!

  2. Laurie, this is fantastic!!!!! I love it!! Where do you store the assignment? In google classroom? How do the children get quick access to the form? :) Do they use ipads or chrome books?